Sony Creates large 16K Display

According to BBC News, Sony has created a very large display! It is 63 ft by 17 ft and the only one of its kind. This large display is nothing traditional, not even with its resolution. If you thought 8K resolution was already impressive, then hang onto your butt! This Sony display is in 16K. Do you want to check it out for yourself? You will have to travel to Japan and go to Yokohama, which is south of Tokyo.

To make all of this possible, Sony has changed up its technology to using a new Crystal LED to make this large 16K display possible. This all sounds great and makes you just want to run out and find it at your local TV store, but you will not find it. In fact, you will be waiting a long time. This technology will probably take many years to work its way to the consumer world. The 4K and 8K world is where we will have to play for the time being.

Major manufacturers are now starting to roll out their 8K products like Sony and Samsung. Now we will have to wait for the major networks to start giving us more and more content in these formats.

As a word of caution, remember to read the specifications of your 4K or 8K TV before purchasing them. You want a true 4K or 8K TV display, and not any kind of enhanced or simulated version. It will limit the displaying from your sources that can display proper 4K content.

Enjoy this technology as things become more and more vibrant to watch on your 4K and 8K displays.

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  1. Curtis H. Brittle
    Really . . and thanks for the info . . look forward to the 16K boards . . and FLEX X . . Screens too . . ALL THE BEST . . Hope to be on later . . meanwhile THANKS chb

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