Nest is the Best?

When you think of Nest, what do you think of?  Is it their futuristic thermostats? Or even better yet their smoke/carbon detectors? I know for me it was their thermostats. What about some of their other offerings? 

Let’s break them down and start at, who are they? Would you be surprised to find out that the founders of Nest were Apple engineers? Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers both came from Apple. Fadell was working on building a vacation home and was disappointed as to what he found on the market for thermostats, especially for use as a vacation thermostat. In 2010 they both set out on a journey to make a thermostat like none other at its time. Late in 2011 they released the first-generation Nest Thermostat and the rest is history. Now 9 years later they have done some incredible things beyond just thermostats.

What are the offerings they have now? Now they have moved on the Camera’s, Video doorbell, Alarm Systems, Door Locks, Smoke and CO Detectors, and services like Nest Aware. A very large offering indeed, but the surprising thing is that they are able to also integrate with so many other devices and services. The first notable thing is that Google bought Nest Labs in January 2014 for a $3.2 Billion cash deal that was completed in a single day! Now that is a nice quick sale. Google also decided to keep Nest Labs as an independent company and not under the Google name. With this, Nest equipment ties in and works with Google Home. This allows you to have an ability to not only answer your Nest Doorbell, but if you integrate it with a door lock, you could also unlock the door after chatting with the person at the door! 

Want a security system that works with all those fancy gizmos that we just reviewed? No problem! Nest Secure make this possible as a security system. Nest went the right way with offering the ability for you as an end user to install this on your own, or to have a professional help you with the install. You can have the system as a notification only option and will work through your WIFI or take it all the way to having your home properly monitored by Brinks home security. 

With all these great offerings we are starting to think that Nest is the best, but we have a look at some of the corporate level history and quickly realize that it has not been all great! As mentioned before, founded in 2010 and then Google bought them in 2014. Also, in 2014 Nest purchased Dropcam so they can start working on their own camera line and not use Dropcam. With some issues at the CEO level, it was announced that Google made the decision to integrate Nest Labs into the Google world. Nest would keep its corporate offices but would report to google staff. What a mess it seems, but even still, they are offering some great products! 

On the Custom Integrator (CI Channel) nest has its good and bad. Companies that are offering their own integrated thermostats and cameras like Control4, Crestron, or Savant may not be thrilled to have these as their options. Even still, they do integrate and work well with them. It is cloud based and has its up and downs. Each CI has their own belief about these options, but they do work well and look cool! 

With Nest grabbing ahold of the market before competitors like Ring does this give them advantage and thus the title of the Best? Let us know what you think about Nest if you have one or are thinking of purchasing your own! 

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