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Cable service or streaming services

In this day and age, you have some choices finally! For so many long years you were stuck to the cable provider in your area. Sometimes you had a little choice, but that choice was not much of one. Then the day came when satellite service was an option. This opened up the game a…
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Control4 – Home Automation

If you are looking for a company that has dedicated themselves to Home Automation, then look no further! Control4 was launched in 2003 and attended CEDIA the next year. With a launch of their first product later in that year. Since then, they have had their fair share of ups and downs. With that in…
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Nest is the Best?

When you think of Nest, what do you think of?  Is it their futuristic thermostats? Or even better yet their smoke/carbon detectors? I know for me it was their thermostats. What about some of their other offerings?  Let’s break them down and start at, who are they? Would you be surprised to find out that the…
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