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Sony Creates large 16K Display

According to BBC News, Sony has created a very large display! It is 63 ft by 17 ft and the only one of its kind. This large display is nothing traditional, not even with its resolution. If you thought 8K resolution was already impressive, then hang onto your butt! This Sony display is in 16K.…
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Apple made movies – Coming soon

Why should the likes of Netflix and Amazon get all the fun in creating content and not be a part of the typical Hollywood studios? Netflix has won many awards in the years of creating their own content. Other streaming services have also joined the bandwagon. Apple is now one of them! They have announced…
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Apple and their recent quiet startup purchases.

It seems that Apple has something up their sleeves! In recent history they have been purchasing a few companies that are revolving around security.  They have recently purchased startup Lighthouse AI and also Silk Labs. Each of them brings an interesting piece of the puzzle to the table. With other big names working on their security…
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