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In this day and age, you have some choices finally! For so many long years you were stuck to the cable provider in your area. Sometimes you had a little choice, but that choice was not much of one. Then the day came when satellite service was an option. This opened up the game a bit and competition came along. Let’s fast forward to now! We have streaming capabilities and with all the options can, for the most part, get exactly the same service, for a cheaper amount.

Let’s look at the main streaming services and see why we would want to consider them. This list will not include the streaming capabilities that are through cable providers. That would mean you still need to connect with the cord! That’s not what we are looking for. Examples are like Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Now. There are several more out there but here in the US, these are some of the top choices. Things to look at are, do they offer Live TV or just shows and episodes? Hulu, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Now, for example, are offering live TV options. Amazon and Netflix are the front runners for offering their own content. This includes TV series and also movies. They are starting to challenge the school of thought that you have to go to the Movie theater to watch a new movie. Overpriced tickets, overpriced food options, and obnoxious people that don’t understand that you want to hear the movie and not them… Please sign me up for new releases at my home! There are new options popping up from time to time, so a simple google search for them from time to time is good. Also, a new offering and line up happen all the time. DirecTV Now just announced they are upping their monthly charge, but in doing that they are including some premium options. Watch for Apple’s new streaming option for you iOS lovers! They have announced that they are getting into the game more than they already are and more streaming services to come!

Now that you have thought about and possibly picked an option to stream content, how do you actually watch it? Once you cancel your cable service or satellite service you lose the fancy box that lets you watch tv! Well, the good news is, you may already have a device in your house that makes all this awesomeness possible. Devices like Roku, AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV, Playstation, Xbox, and even your Smart TV. There are lots of options and the list keeps growing. Each device has different options available to them. Also, some of the services offer 4K but the TV and equipment you have will dictate if you can use that better-quality video.

Cable companies have caught onto the shift in how some people are changing over to streaming services. So, they are designing packages to shift cost around, but yet the internet on its own can be expensive. Also, pay attention to the services you have as a lot of the providers like to lock people into contracts. That is another great thing that streaming services offer, no contracts! When I made my change, I figured out what were the channels that we watched in the house. I had already been a long-time subscriber of Amazon Prime which gives me access to their streaming service. I also had a subscription to Netflix. So, I have movies and original content covered but not live tv channels. I got DirecTV Now because their lowest package they offered covered all the channels we needed. I will try and work on a list of the services and also the devices that will stream those services.

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