Apple made movies – Coming soon

Why should the likes of Netflix and Amazon get all the fun in creating content and not be a part of the typical Hollywood studios? Netflix has won many awards in the years of creating their own content. Other streaming services have also joined the bandwagon. Apple is now one of them! They have announced a March 25 unveiling at the Jobs Theater! They are working with several of the streaming services and movie studios to bring a lot of content under one viewing app. Not everyone is jumping on that ship. Netflix is giving a big NO. HBO is also reluctant, but it is still a possibility.

Apple has had a few leaks in the past about this being a possibility. They finally came out and gave a very definitive yes, this past week. With that announcement is a large allocation of personnel, time, and money, $1billion to exact! Apple has committed to getting some movie awards to come in 2020 at the Oscars. With several projects in the works with some recognizable stars and directors, it's looking to be a go for this streaming service.

Keep a lookout in late March/early April for a release of this service. For iOS lovers, this could be a great thing!

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